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Express Entry chooses permanent occupants based on their abilities and knowledge required in the development of our economy.

Express Entry is an administration management scheme used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in order to handle and procedure requests initiated through three of Canada’s federal economic entrance programs for experienced workers. In other words, it is a competitive entrance policy, listing all qualified applicants and encouraging the best ranking competitors to apply for Canadian permanent resident status.

Step One:

Primarily, interested applicants need to submit an Express Entry form that serves as an Explanation of Interest stating the Canadian authority about their interest in converting a Canadian permanent resident. Formerly a profile has been proposed, the applicant is allowed a CRS record which ranks his/her position against the other candidates in the Express Entry provisions. Express Entry forms are effective for 12 months and can be updated with new data when required.

Almost every two weeks, the Canadian administration carries an Express Entry draw, announcing a round of Invitations to Apply (ITAs) to the candidates in the competition with the greatest CRS scores. If a competitor gets an ITA, they prepare onto the next step of the process. In case, if an applicant they prepare onto the next step of the process, then he/she may need to submit a new form, presented they are still qualified to do so.


Step Two

Once a candidate receives an ITA, he/she will have 60 days or 2 months to submit an electronic Application for Permanent Residence (eAPR). If this application is complete and confirms all data presented in the Express Entry form, then the candidate will be allowed permanent resident status in Canada along with family members, spouse and/or children.

The FSW program is intended to targets young applicants who have great work experience in combination with a great level of knowledge, language ability, and the strength to adjust to living in Canada. This program does not need a relationship to Canada, hence, this is perfect for proficient workers who do not hold Canadian education or work experience.
This program targets experienced candidates who have Canadian work knowledge. To qualify, a candidate must have minimum t 1 year of full-time, proficient work experience in Canada, completed within the current 3 years. This application is perfect for foreign students in Canada who have tried Canadian employment using a Post-Graduation Work Permit, or with knowledge as temporary foreign workers.
Canada’s regions and nations conduct their entrance programs, named Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). Most of these programs are arranged with the Express Entry scheme. Supporting to this program, a region can choose a foreign national for entrance through one of the Express Entry programs.

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