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Possibly you are on a free tour in Canada, visiting your family, considering your application of interest, or serving temporarily, conditions may vary and you may require to either modify your requirements in Canada or continue your trip.

Requiring for a visa expansion in Canada is common and it is one of the most inquired sorts of Canadian visas. Nevertheless, the administration process for these extensions can be complicated appearing in many candidates not getting their desired application. For such reason, it is advised to seek the counsel of an immigration professional.

Once you are in Canada you will have a defined period which you are lawfully permitted to stay in the country. Besides, you may have terms or conditions which enable you to work or study.

If you would want to continue your stay or change your circumstances, you may do such from inside Canada. Though, the approval of such a petition depends on how completely the applications has been ensued and the fact that individual has given to verify their stay. Many people are rejected due to such standards not being met.


Who is a Canadian Visa Extension for?

  • Visitors to Canada
  • Study permit holders
  • Work permit holders

A Canadian visa extension is for individuals who at the time of the application have valid status in the country.

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