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Canada is open to visitors from around the world, with over 5 million visiting every year. Visitors to Canada are required to obtain approval from the government of Canada before they travel to the country.

Canada is accessible to visitors from throughout the world, with over 5 million people visiting every year. Visitors to Canada are needed to get permission from the administration of Canada before travelling to the country.

A Temporary Resident Visa is also recognized as a visitor visa.

Nationality is the foremost conclusive determinant as to whether you require a Temporary Resident Visa before travelling to Canada. If you are a resident of a nation that Canada has excused from the Temporary Resident Visa requirement, you must rather obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization before flying to Canada by air.

Tourists from all other nations must take a Temporary Resident Visa. Most Temporary Resident Visa requests are accepted in a subject of days or weeks. Though the regard rate and processing conditions vary from one visa office to another. Typically, visa holders are allowed for a multiple-entry visa, enabling them to move and re-enter Canada without requiring to reapply.

Besides, all visitors must travel with their travel document.

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