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Following Canada Family Class Immigration category, Canada permanent residents and Canadian citizens are allowed to sponsor their important family members. Canada ministry is committed to re-join families and when permissible under its immigration policy. Therefore, the prime program of Canadian government is to prepare applications of Canada sponsorship.

Canada Family Class immigration stream allows Canadian permanent residents or Canada citizens to their spouse, parents and grandparents, adopted children, or any other suitable relatives. Canada permanent residents and Canada citizens are also entitled to sponsor their other relations including a sibling under specific conditions.

In order to sponsor your relative or your family members, candidate must be qualified as a Canada permanent resident or a Canada citizen. We, at SKS Immigration, assist you discover if you have the qualification to sponsor your family or siblings for immigration to Canada. Furthermore, we begin the work of planning and submitting the application for Canada sponsorship and permanent residence on your family member’s behalf obtaining sponsored by you.

Spousal Sponsorship, under Canada Family Class program is intended for a Canada citizen or Canada permanent resident desiring to sponsor his or her Spousal/common-law partner or marital partner. At SKS Immigration, we help you in determining your ability for favour and support you and your Spousal in demanding for Canada Spousal sponsorship and Canada permanent residency.

In order to get visa under Canada Spousal sponsorship stream, the sponsor and the individual being sponsored should be able to explain their relationship following any of the streams mentioned below: –

  • Spousal: Both the sponsor and the partner being sponsored should be married lawfully. They must have legal document to confirm their married relationship.
  • Conjugal partner: A immigrant who is staying outside Canada and has been in a marital relationship with the sponsor for at least one year but was incapable to live with the sponsor as a couple is considered to be a marital partner.
  • Common-law partner: Both the Spousal and the sponsored should be living together at least for one year excluding any short absence for business/family purposes.

Parents Sponsorship: This Canada immigration category allows Canada permanent residents and Canada citizens to sponsor their parents and grandparents for taking Canada permanent residency. Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship; Family Class (FC) Immigration category of Canada supports Canada permanent residents and Canada citizens aged 18 or more to allow sponsorship to their parents and grandparents to become Canada permanent residents. As a supporter, you have to be staying in Canada.

You have to guarantee that you meet fundamental claims of yourself and your parent or grandparent in the case of sponsoring to your parents or grandparents for Canada immigration as a Canada permanent resident. Giving financial relief becomes your responsibility once your parents or grandparents are arrived in Canada.

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