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The Owner Operator LMIA is one of the most valuable appliances for Business Immigrants who can satisfy the Express Entry conditions as it aids in developing Comprehensive Score Rating CRS by 200 points. This program is the single faith for qualified and experienced candidates who are likely to create Express Entry form, but they have a low CRS score to beat the current entrance cut-off.

Work privileges may be allowed to international citizens whose intended Canadian employer has received an evaluation from Employment and Social Development Canada (“ESDC”). This assures that the work offer is genuine and would possibly have a certain impact on the Canadian employment market.


There are a few things to remark:

Start-up issues: It may be challenging for a start-up business to pass, as it would not be actively involved in the business. It is likely to become Owner Operator LMIA for a start-up, but the clients should have made some purchases in leasehold renovations or material and presents some services before the request for LMIA is made.

Business Purchases: It would consequently be more comfortable to obtain a business rather than start up a new organization, as candidate could confirm that the business is working, and he is actively involved in the business.

Role of the Owner Operator before LMIA approval: There must be complete transparency concerning the Owner Operator’s position in the business. One must be adequate to prove that the employer company is actively involved in the market and after acquiring the business, it is important to confirm that the recommended Owner Operator is previously involved in the business.

Ability to afford Owner Operator: Make sure that the company has enough financial support to be capable to hire and pay, the Owner Operator, particularly if there is a payroll commitment to owner operator.

Compliance with Employment laws: Assure that the company being acquired has been obedient as per the hiring and employment decisions and it has not been blacklist by ESDC.

LMIA Exempt Work Permits for Start-ups: If the client envied to begin a special business from scratch, it may be good to have him/her get a Work Permit as a Free Trade Investor or one of the LMIA Exempt sections primary. Then apply for the Owner Operator LMIA once the business has been verified and working.

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