Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

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Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) for skilled or semi-skilled workers, business persons and foreign students.

Provincial Nomination Programs are designed to satisfy the conditions of each Canadian territory or Canadian region for accepting applicants. Determination will be made based on Applicants’ contribution to the rural or national economy they receive the nomination. Candidates have to maintain necessary education credentials, work-experience and knowledge standards for contributing to Canadian provincial or territory economy.

The economic growth of British Columbia’s is dependent on the claimed amount of skilled and qualified individuals for meeting conditions of labour business. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) allows a process for immigrants who are skilled entrepreneurs and experienced workers as well as envious of coming to British Columbia for continuing agreement.

Different Routes under BC PNP

There are three programs prepared under BC PNP for getting BC permanent residency and different categories are supporting every BC PNP program. You can utilise it while having your job, foreign student status or National Occupational Classification (NOC) skills level.

Some categories may allow you to apply without prior work experience which is the best part about these. This condition applies to applicants who are the latest international graduates of any Canadian college or university. While experienced workers may have work experience outside. Candidates who are at the entry-level and semi-skilled category, require work experience in British Columbia.
Wealthy and prosperous business personalities who are ready to make investments in BC and administer a business actively are allowed to apply under Entrepreneur Immigration in BC. Candidates must have individual funds and investments.
Express Entry BC allows a quick way for adequate and eligible experienced international workers wanting to get immigration to BC. It is based on the points-based method and has web-based questionnaire and certification process for BC PNP.

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