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Parents and Grandparents of Canadian permanent residents and citizens can visit Canada to stay with their family

Super Visa is a Canada temporary resident permit and an extended multiple-entry visa and is adequate for 10 years. Super visa benefits parents and grandparents of Canada permanent residents and Canada citizens by allowing to visit their family members living in Canada. They can stay in Canada for a highest period of maximum two years without renewing their visa.

Processing time of Canada Super Visa is now nearly 8 weeks.

Know your eligibility for Canada Parent and Grandparent Super Visa-

For Canada immigration, Parents and Grandparents should be in excellent health. Make sure, they must don’t have any health situations that might lead to an unnecessary pressure on Canada’s medical system. Also, a couple of income guidelines need to be answered for Canada Parent and Grandparent Super Visa.


For making an application for Canada Parent and Grandparent Super Visa, you should be:

  • Parent or grandparent of a Canada citizen or a Canada permanent resident
  • Allowed to come to Canada
  • Follow some other conditions as well.

Canada management has made it clear that children cannot be involved in the request for Canada Parents and Grandparents.


Making Application for Canada Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents

While applying for Canada Super Visa, a Canada official will be viewing the below mentioned features

  • Reason of your Canada visit;
  • Your financial condition;
  • Your ties with your native country;
  • Economic and political stability of your native country; and;
  • Invitation from a host in Canada.


You must meet some other requirements such as:

  • You have to confirm that your grandchild or child staying in Canada remains the situation of minimum income for this immigration stream
  • You should have a Canadian medical coverage having efficacy for at least 12 months
  • You must hold an immigration medical exam
  • You have to present a written report from your grandchild or child; he/shall will provide you financial support.

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