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Surely, Canada has world’s leading educational institutes that greet international students from different backgrounds.

Foreign citizens must get a Study Visa to study at a Canadian Learning Institution. At SKS Immigration, we will assist you find the right program at the right Academy and provide a Student Visa. After performing studies, you can get your Employment Permit and apply for Permanent Residence.

Canada student visa allows nearby 130,000 international students from the world over to come to Canada and study here. Immigrant students coming to Canada on Canada student visa for studying here are also allowed for part-time work in Canada without any necessity of Canada work authorisation for this.

Latest laws by Canada immigration office show that every week, international students on Canada study visa are permitted to work for maximum 20 hours. This part-time work in Canada can both be off-campus or on-campus.


You must have the following eligibility conditions for Study Visa outside Canada –

  • Sufficient money to pay for your tuition fee
  • Sufficient funds to pay your living expenses for yourself and an accompanying family member
  • Funds for return ticket for yourself and an accompanying family member
  • Sound health and willing to undergo complete medical examination
  • A law-abiding person without any criminal record or any national threat
  • Prove before an immigration officer of your leaving Canada after the end of your legal stay period


Requirement of Canada study Visa outside Canada—Differences

If you expect to study in Canada for any short-term course which is less than or equivalent to six months, there is no necessity of a Canada study visa. You have to leave Canada after finishing your study program within six months.


Certificates you need for obtaining an application for Study Visa outside Canada

  • Proof of acceptance;
  • Proof of financial help;
  • Proof of identity; and
  • Letter of explanation.


Also, you have to provide comprehensive information when appealing for study visa outside Canada. If you are presenting your request for study visa outside Canada, then you will be requiring to present a confirmation of your current immigrant situation in the country where you are referring from.

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