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If your application has been rejected for Canadian Residence, you can ask for judicial review on the decision made by applying to the court. You need to hire a professional lawyer to apply for judicial review of the decision on your behalf. This process involves certain deadlines that need to be reached. Ordinarily, you will need to register for a review within 15 days after you received the rejection.

Reasons for a Canadian Visa Rejection:
  • Incomplete and inaccurate supporting documents
  • Lack of adequate financial resources to finance your expenses and stay in Canada
  • Don’t have proper resources to meet international security standards, especially if applicant has a criminal background
  • Failure to meet medical health standards
  • Visa officer has doubts regarding the candidate’s purpose or his/her application

Besides, there may involve some other factors that could cause a Canadian visa refusal, but most cases come within the points those mentioned. For instance; if your request is refused, there may be an opportunity to review the denial or reapply for the permit. In the case of a request, you cannot anticipate that the visa officer or officials at the embassy to allow an appeal to get even a temporary visa. The best option is you should apply again for a visa with you freshly updated application. The following are the steps you should consider after a Canada visa rejection.

Consider an Appeal

Depending on the case, considering your eligibility for an application is also a good idea, either with the IAD (Immigration Adjudication Division) or the Federal Court of Canada. Remember, that this appeal is just valid within a particular period and must be operated immediately. If your case is similar, it will be good if you hire a professional lawyer who has good knowledge of Canadian visa applications for higher chance of getting approved.


Reapplication Procedures

After rejection of Canadian visa, candidates need to be informed of particular programs suggested for registering a fresh application. Understand these steps and follow them thoroughly to evade any obstacles the next time around. The actions you take in your next application will differ based on the kind of visa you want.

Reapplying after a Canadian study visa refusal is an opportunity, depending on the situation; the application was refused. There are several causes why a request for a visa is denied. If the cause for the denial is an error on your application, you can correct the problem by giving the proper changes. Review the data you provided and give the supporting document needed. Make sure you have a real explanation why this new data was not provided during your first application.
In the case of a Canadian work visa, the most popular causes for rejection are those considered as the common reasons for a Canadian visa denial. However, an essential thing to remark regarding Canadian work visas is the difference between a refusal and a return. A refusal will occur as an effect of a failure to prove finances, prove intent, give supporting documents, engage health, security, or criminal admissibility criteria. While a return may come as a result of the program portion being fulfilled, or from dropping documents/incorrectly filled out application materials.
If you are denied for a Canadian visitor visa, you will have to follow the standard rules of examining the motives for refusal, correcting all errors, and giving any further data before reapplying. If you are sure nothing was requiring on your first application and that the visa officer made an error, you may be qualified to appeal.

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